SEO for Law Firms

Optimize for Leads, Not Search Engines

Successful search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on building your expertise, authority, and trust throughout your site and across the web. Be the answer your clients are looking for.

Local Listings

Local search optimization starts by making sure your Name, Address, Phone and Website are listed in all the directories they should be. You want to be wherever people might look for an attorney, just in case it's not Google.

Link Building

Google sees every link that points to your site is a "vote of confidence" that you're worth sending traffic to. Some are better than others, but typically, you should collect as many as you can.


Develop and optimize content so your site is search engine tested, user approved. Filling content gaps, updating the technical aspects, and tailoring your message are all important in crafting an evergreen content strategy.

Investing in Long-Term Success

There are many different types and levels of SEO. Technical SEO can relate to your website’s infrastructure. Off-Site SEO typically refers to link-building, citation-building, hosting configurations, caching and CDNs. Then there’s on-site content development, content optimization, schema implementation, user experience improvements and conversion optimization.

However you approach it, SEO is a long term strategy with the goal to build a foundation that provides “free” organic returns for years to come. SEO will never be “done” but once you complete certain projects, you don’t have to keep paying like you would for advertising.