Review Management for Law Firms

Build & Protect Your Firm's Reputation

What your clients say about you should be treated as a marketing channel that’s just as important as your SEO or PPC.


If a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it, did your quality legal representation even happen? Build your reputation with the software and program to request reviews on the platforms you care about.


Monitor your law firm's reviews to make sure you stay top-rated with a 5-star average. See what people say about your attorneys, or your intake team, and find ways you can improve.


It's nice to respond to all reviews, but what's most important is how you respond to negative reviews. Don't let one bad review keep you from landing clients in the future.

A Review Management Solution that Does It All

Law firm’s can’t say they’re “the best,” so let other people say it for you! Backup your “top-rated” claims with good reviews and high ratings.

Manage your reviews – It’s much more likely that an unhappy client will leave a bad reviews than it is for a happy client to leave a positive review… unless you ask. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple email, or polite request for someone to leave feedback for your firm, and your average star-rating on Google, Facebook, Avvo, or wherever can really take off! You can simultaneously grow your number of reviews while improving your average rating.

Monitor your reviews – Keeping tabs on what people say about your law firm is important. Not only do you need to be able to respond to negative reviews (either in writing or in action), but you’ll be able to monitor the overall sentiment people have towards your firm, your services, or perhaps even a specific attorney.

Market your reviews – Gathering reviews and growing your reputation is great when people see you on Google Maps or your Facebook Page’s “reviews” tab, but you can take it a step further and showcase how great people say you are by collecting reviews and displaying them on your site. With a little social verification, people will feel more comfortable reaching out, knowing others have had a good experience.

Your firm is your reputation. Reviews and star ratings are an afterthought for many law firms, but for those who take it seriously, your past clients can easily become a successful marketing channel that generates future leads.