Microsoft (Bing) Advertising

Advertising for Law Firms

Microsoft Advertising for Law Firms

Microsoft Advertising is the platform that gets your ads on Bing and partner sites that utilize the Microsoft Search Network. Of course, Google is the leader in total search volume, but Bing is not to be forgotten! The same strategies implemented on Google Paid Search campaigns can be applied to Microsoft Advertising campaigns on Bing. The same keywords can trigger the same ads and deliver the same leads – generally for cheaper!

It may be 2nd best, but Microsoft Advertising is less competitive, cheaper, and powers search results on Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. People who use their Windows computer with built-in pre-selected Edge Browser and “Google” something in the URL box – they are actually using Bing.

Less traffic and less competition means more affordable keywords, which is great for firms with smaller budgets as well as larger firms looking to find more leads for cheap.