Google Ads

Advertising for Law Firms

Google Ads for Law Firms

Google Ads is an advertising platform capable of running a wide variety of campaign types, including Search, Display and Video. It’s the place where you can promote your law firm above Google search results, inside Gmail, on YouTube videos, and within other site’s across the web.

As an advertising platform, Google Ads reigns supreme, and that should come as a surprise to absolutely nobody. Parent company Alphabet owns such a range of properties, you can deliver ads almost anywhere, to nearly anyone.

  • Google Search
  • Google Maps
  • YouTube
  • Google Display Network
  • Google Discover Feed
  • Gmail

With the #1 search engine in the world, millions of websites in the display network, and a billion hours of video watched per day, the Google Ads platform has reach unlike any other. However, simply having the capabilities and reach are not the same as implementing a successful strategy. Google has tried to make things easier for small businesses to jump in and spend money – the better the advertising works, the more business make & spend – however, you can really push your campaigns further by utilizing more advanced tactics.

Branded vs non branded search. Hyper-targeted exact-match keywords vs exploratory broad-match. Display vs Discovery. There is a time and place to implement each strategy, it’s just about knowing how and when.

Paid Search Campaigns

Immensely valuable way to improve traffic and generate leads. When people search, your firm can rise to the top of search results. Highly targeted based on users’ search history, geographic location, and intent. Target what you want. Exclude what you don’t.

YouTube Campaigns

Raise awareness for your brand by advertising before, during, and in between videos on YouTube.

Display Campaigns

Get your message out there, and remind people why your firm is the right choice for them. Showcase who you are and what you stand for with creative display ads on site across the web.

Controllable. Trackable. Scalable.

Know exactly how many people saw your ads, what keywords they used, what ads they clicked, how much you paid, and how many conversions you received each and every month.

By combining automated bidding strategies with advanced keyword and user targeting, we know how to generate results that provide the ROI you’re looking for.

A campaign can be launched in a day, but it will still take a few weeks for things to get up to speed. With that said, it’s fair to make the comparison to SEO which could take 6 months or more before you start seeing serious returns.

Ad copy, target keywords, exclusions, bidding strategies… We know which tactics to use in order to implement and achieve your overall strategy. Are you looking to capture the entire market, or would you like to take a more refined approach. Higher quantity, or more specific higher quality?